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Corporate Event Packages for Rent

Planning an event for your company? Lets package a few cool items together for it! These ideas will will make your company picnic or team building event one everyone will remember. Sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas for unique company events, but let our professional team do the heavy lifting and provide some exciting and unique rental items for your corporate event rental!

Professional delivery to Spring, TX, the woodlands, Texas and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us to be sure we service your area.

So you want some team building ideas?

There are usually two main goals behind a corporate party: to have fun and celebrate success, and to do some team building. We all know that having a team that works together well will help your company be more successful, so if you do it right, you’ll be planning another party to celebrate! 

Tips to build a successful team:
– Do stuff together. The goal here is just to get everyone working together.
– Be together. It takes time to get past the awkwardness of getting to know someone and move on to really knowing them.
– Compete and challenge. It’s rewarding to see team members overcoming difficult tasks TOGETHER.

Our rental inventory is perfect for both fun corporate picnics and corporate team building activities. We’ve packed some items together here, but you can see all items for team building here.