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  • Adrenaline Rush II Obstacle CourseAdrenaline Rush II Obstacle Course

    Challenge your friends and claim victory as your hurdle through an obstacle course suitable for all ages. From the Initial Rush under the bar, through the multiple obstacles blocking your path, all to finally scale the wall and slide down to victory! A Great Obstacle Course Rental from Houston Party rental!

  • Grand Carnival TentGrand Carnival Tent

    The perfect carnival inflatable to house your carnival games. Has netting on back wall to stuff your prizes behind for easy display and retrieval.

  • New Castle Combo Deluxe IINew Castle Combo Deluxe II

    With the overwhelming popularity of our New Castle Deluxe. We have expanded our inventory and added additional castle's to match the demand. Browse through our multiple themed castles to find the perfect one for your next event. Rent it now for $250!

  • Popcorn Machine 6 ozPopcorn Machine 6 ozDelicious buttered and salted popcorn ready for your event! Comes with machine, popcorn scooper, popcorn- as well as 50 bags. Rent it now for $75!
  • Prize WheelPrize WheelAre the odds ever in your favor? Take a chance and spin to test your luck! Rent it now for $100

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  • Cotton Candy MachineCotton Candy MachineMarvel at the cone of heated flossed sugar that has delighted generations of sweet tooth’s. Comes with cotton candy machine, 50 Cotton Candy cones, 1 box of Sugar.
  • Dixie Twister Chair SwingDixie Twister Chair Swing

    Houston Party Rental’s Dixie Twister Chair Swing is a must have for any festival. With the ability to entertain up to 20 people at a time, the ride provides great fun and excellent value. Ideal for young and old, make sure to add this carnival ride to your next Houston event. 

  • Bungee TrampolineBungee Trampoline

    Fly into the skies as your impress your friends and family with your acrobatic skills. While allowing 4 jumpers at once, this attraction is sure to pull in a crowd and provide hours of entertainment!

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