Inflatable Obstacle Course Experience: As Told Through GIFs

What’s the best part of any event? That’s right, we know you’re thinking it: the obstacle course. Either you look forward to them with pure excitement or a decent dose of fear. Regardless, we think these GIFs tell a pretty great story of the inflatable obstacle course experience.

That moment when you find out they have an obstacle course!

It’s the best part of any party, event, or festival!

Initial reaction after looking at the giant course:

The course is massive! You’d have to be crazy to want to do that!

You will not be deterred. It’s time to put your game face on:

Bring it on course. Bring it on.

You dive into the course and all of a sudden, you come across a section that you couldn’t see from the outside and have no idea how it could have fit inside the obstacle course. There’s only one explanation:

Everything is going great, and then you experience your first fall:

But never fear, you’ll get right back on your feet and keep going!

Looking down from the top of the slide for the first time:

Um, this didn’t look this high off the ground from out there.

When the course fights back:

Sometimes, the course seems to have a mind of its own.

You make it through what you think is the whole course, but then discover that the end is so close and yet so far:

After all the struggles, you finally finish the course:

Hold the applause, please. Okay, maybe just a little applause.

And then quickly realize how tired you are:

Nap time.

When someone says they could have done it faster than you:

Excuse me, Sharon. I’d like to see you try! I was like lightning in that course.

When your best friend challenges you to a race:

Friendly rivalry is all part of the fun, right?

When your friends say they want to go again:

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