• Bungee – Packing List 

☐ 4 – Bongo Trampoline
  ☐ 1 – Electric Air Pump + air hose/bongo attachment
  ☐ 4 – pole divider
  ☐ 4 – harness(with carabiners)
  ☐ 1 – Generator
  ☐ 2 – extension cord
  ☐ 4 – sandbag(for bongos)
  ☐ 8 – fiberglass poles

  ☐ 1 – 6+ kw generator


Arms won’t go up or Down

  • Are the poles in. (Needs weight to operate)
  • Is the motor turning on
  • Is the power supply enough. (Switch to generator)
  • Push down on arms while holding the down button on the controller. (NEEDS WEIGHT) 
  • Emergency Shut-off switch could be in the off position. Turn the switch to the on position. (To the right of the power cord on trailer)
  • Ensure that the thermal breaker reset button is all the way in. If an electrical device draws too much current, the thermal breaker will immediately stop all electrical components to prevent component damage. (Little red button next to the emergency switch.)
  • Weak batteries in wireless remote. Replace batteries.
  • Wireless remote is too far away from wireless receiver. Stay within the 30’ maximum distance from receiver. 
  • Jump participants must weigh at least 45 pounds
  • Jump participants must NOT weigh more than 250 pounds
  • Four jump participants total, one jump participant per jump